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Packs and services

If you're looking for something that's not mentioned, feel free to add it to your query and we'll discuss it!

packaging para collares de la marca ficticia Femme Era. Una caja roja con la ilustración de una mujer en su interior

Essential Pack

This package is perfect for those who are looking for visual elements for their brand quickly and on a tighter budget.  We will get to know your competition and create a visual identity that stands out from the rest.

What's included?

​+ Creative direction

+ Moodboard

+ Logotype and variations

+ Typography selection

+ Color palette 

+ Graphics (patterns, icons or textures)

+ Photography art direction

+ Final files (JPG, PNG, EPS)

+ Digital mockups

+ Brandboard

Standard Pack

We'll define what your brand stands for and how you solve your audience's problems. We'll create a visual language that connects with them. We'll work side by side to define your brand's purpose, values and personality. This pack is perfect if you want to renew your brand and you are not sure where you want to take it.

What's included?

+ Benchmark

+ Branding workshop

+ Brand strategy

+ Brand personality

+ Essential Pack

+ Brand Manual

Maqueta de un ordenador y un iphone que muestran dos páginas de la web del escritor Enrique Moraleda
Maqueta del manual de marca para Panaria. Se muestra la portada del manual y parte de las páginas de su interior

Pack Pro

Great brand design for companies with big goals. Whether it's a repositioning or a creation from scratch, this package is exactly what you need when you need EVERYTHING.

What's included?

+ Essential Pack

+ Standard Pack

+ Verbal identity (voice and tone)

+ Complete brand manual

other services


+ Character design

+ Editorial illustration

+ Infographics

+ Portraits


+ Creative direction

+ Label design

+ Sticker design

+ Final artwork


+ Digital publications

+ Presentations

+ Social media design

+ Web design


+ Stands

+ Flyers

+ Roll-ups

+ Merchandising

If you only need a specific design service, send us a message so we can give you a quotation.

The process

We'll collaborate to bring your project to life, exchanging ideas and making sure the end result reflects your vision.

Nice meeting you!

+ Contact
+ Contract
+ Questionnaire

Let's get started!

+ Research
+ Strategy

+ Moodboard

time to create!

+ Graphic development
+ Revision rounds
+ Project's final approval

See you soon!

+ Final files delivery
+ Goodbye call
+ Review of the process


Any questions? Here we answer some frequently asked questions to help you decide

  • How much do your services cost?
    Our rates depend on the type of project, so we'll be able to determine a final price only after we know the full scope of the project. The more information you provide about your needs, the more accurate the estimate will be.
  • How can I secure my reservation?
    All reservations require a deposit to be officially insured. Only by making a reservation can you guarantee that you will not lose your place.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Of course! If you need to split the project, we offer the option of splitting it into a maximum of three payments.
  • Do you work with international clients?
    From Spain to the world! If you speak Spanish or English, there will be no problem working together ;)
  • How long will it take to finish the project?
    If you have a specific time frame in mind, please mention it before we start, as each project is different and requires different processing times.
  • I am not a company, but can I order designs from you?
    Sure! We also work with individuals and associations, so just let us know in the contact form.
  • Do you have a change/return policy?
    As these are 100% customized projects, there is no return or exchange policy, since the clients have been involved in all the decisions of the process. On the other hand, if when collaborating with third parties there are damaged or defective printed applications, of course the cause would be reviewed and a solution would be sought.
  • What if I have old brand elements that I want to continue using?
    If you're thinking about diving into branding, we usually recommend going all-in with our process, starting fresh. Our goal is to serve you and your ideal client in the best way possible. If it makes sense for your strategy, we're totally open to including any old brand assets you might have, like illustrations or specific colors
Maqueta del dossier de servicios y tarifas para 2024

Services guide

Which services best suit your needs? Download our services and rates guide.

Let's create the brand of your dreams!

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